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Meet our Founder:


French-born, now also American citizen, world traveler and avid adventurer, Cyril Derreumaux has lived in France, Spain, England, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, the US, and speaks 5 languages fluently. Adventure seeker since childhood, Cyril backpacked around the world for a full year at the age of 25. 

As an ultra-endurance athlete, Cyril has a long list of expeditions under his belt. In his last adventure in the summer of 2016, he successfully rowed across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii, in an expedition of just under 40 days, earning him and his teammates a Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing.

When you eat Expedition Foods around-the-clock, eight times a day, day-in and day-out, for 40 days in a row, you learn what works and what it takes to make it work.

PC: Rod Mayer

Optimized for Expeditions:  

Having done ultra-endurance expeditions in extreme environments, our founder has worked hard to optimize Organic Expedition Foods.
Selecting the best NATURAL ingredients, tasting and defining the recipes, choosing the most practical packaging, and in the end, optimizing the whole product efficiency and maximizing the user experience.
At Organic Expedition Foods, we deliver to you the best Expedition Foods, with all the benefits and ease of online ordering.


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